Important Covid-19 changes:

  1. Hours of operation: Mon, Tue & Wed, 9am-5pm.
    Special hours:
  2. Appointments MUST be scheduled online. Scroll down to schedule an online appointment.
  3. Limited phone service. If you have an urgent matter, please contact us by Email, or leave a voice/text message at (714) 698-9653
  4. #7 Entire Mouth (FULL MOUTH X-RAYS-18 films for general dentists) is no longer available. We will continue to take anterior periapical and bite wing x-rays.


Please be prepared with the following items:

FIRST: Make be sure you have a written prescription that clearly indicates what x-rays are being requested. The prescription must also show the name of the doctor or office that is requesting the x-rays. If the name of the doctor is unknown, a phone number is usually sufficient.

PLEASE NOTE:  IF YOUR PRESCRIPTION IS BLANK, OR YOU DO NOT HAVE A PRESCRIPTION, YOU CANNOT MAKE AN APPOINTMENT! Please call your doctor’s office and have them text or email you a prescription, or ask them to make the appointment for you through our “Doctors” page.

NEXT: Photograph (or scan) the prescription, making sure it is clear and legible. Scheduling an appointment requires that you upload an image (JPG or PDF) of your prescription. Be sure the image is available on the device you will using to schedule your appointment.

FINALLY: Once these items are in hand, you are ready to schedule your appointment.


STEP 1: Determine how much time you will need for your appointment.

If your prescription slip is marked Orthodontic Survey, Pan Survey, or any combination of several individual procedures, please use the “LONG” button, which is an appointment of 20-30 minutes, with a fee estimate of $100-$150.

If your prescription is marked Panoramic (single film), please use the “SHORT” button, which is an appointment of 5-10 minutes, with a fee estimate of $50.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for 2 patients, select 2 consecutive appointment times (1 Long & 1 Short if possible) and we will combine them for you. (Tip: Use both buttons and switch between windows to find 2 consecutive times.)

If you are unsure which button to use, text a photo of your prescription to (714) 698-9653 and we’ll let you know if it’s “Long” or “Short”.

The actual fee will be calculated based on what has been marked on your slip. Your doctor should have given you an estimate of the fee due at the time of service. If the actual fee is different, you will receive a second, updated confirmation email showing the actual fee.

STEP 2: Click on either the LONG button or the SHORT button below, select a date and time, fill out the short information form, upload the image of your prescription slip, click “Complete Appointment”, and you will receive an email confirmation.

24 hours prior to your appointment, you will receive an email reminder. On the day of your appointment, if you need to cancel or reschedule, please call our office directly.

Schedule LONG (20-30 min) Appointment

Schedule SHORT (5-10 min) Appointment