Important Information!

  1. Days of operation: Tuesday 1pm-5pm, Wednesday 9am-5pm
    Special hours: 5/17, closed all day
  2. Appointments MUST be scheduled online. Scroll down for information on how to schedule an online appointment.
  3. Limited phone service. If you have an urgent matter outside of regular business hours, you can contact us by voice or text message at (714) 698-9653.
  4. #7 Entire Mouth (FULL MOUTH X-RAYS-18 films) is no longer available. Anterior & Bitewing x-rays are available only when ordered with a Panoramic x-ray.


Please be prepared with the following items:

FIRST: Make sure you have a written prescription that clearly indicates what x-rays are being requested. The prescription must also show the name of the doctor or office that is requesting the x-rays. If the name of the doctor is unknown, a phone number is usually sufficient.

PLEASE NOTE:  IF YOUR PRESCRIPTION IS BLANK, OR YOU DO NOT HAVE A PRESCRIPTION, YOU CANNOT MAKE AN APPOINTMENT! Please call your doctor’s office and have them text or email you a prescription, or ask them to make the appointment for you.

NEXT: Photograph (or scan) the prescription, making sure it is clear and legible. You will need to upload an image of your prescription. Be sure the image is available on the device you will be using to schedule your appointment.

FINALLY: Once these items are in hand and you are ready to schedule your appointment, click on the button below.

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